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Are you one of the researchers, physicians, students, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, government representatives, futurists, and artists interested in the responsible use of these powerful new genome engineering and gene editing tools for the greater good? If so, tell us about yourself and join GWG! 

Public (Patrons of the Guild) Benefits:  Be connected to the Guild (email listserve) and find out the latest breakthroughs and participate in local events.  Expectations: Be a voice in your community for genome engineering.  Point out misinformation and inform wherever you can.  Help highlight our efforts in social media.

Corporations (Allies of the Guild) Benefits:  Be connected.  Ad space on Guild website.  Maybe the Guild members can help highlight/sanction products?  I’m thinking each month we could post an interview with an author of a recent publication, where the interview could include plugs. Expectations:  Consider sponsoring our annual meeting. Consider helping organize and sponsoring a satellite event with a Guild member (either scientific or public or both).

Researchers (Apprenctices, Artificers, Authors, Adepts of the Guild) Benefits:  Be connected, be known.  Have your work/publication highlighted by the Guild on the website. Expectations:  Attend annual meetings. Consider hosting a satellite event.  Provide material for the website. Highlight the Guild in social media/presentations.

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