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What is genome engineering? A special event for the science curious.

What is Genome Engineering? Where is it used? How do we benefit from it? Why should we care? We are exposed to terms like GMOs, genetic therapies, and gene editing. But what are these?

Public Outreach Event 2019 (Feb. 9th, 2019)

Discussing the Future of Genetic Engineering: In Humans and Beyond


Roseville Public Library
Community Program Room
2180 North Hamline Ave
Roseville, MN

Public Outreach Event 2018

At this first Genome Writers Guild (GWG) satellite event, Genome Engineer, Dr. Aron Geurts and Dr. Juan Alfonzo addressed those questions. The event was designed for a general audience to explain what these technologies are and how they are already playing a part in our lives.

GWG member Adam Sychla initiated and planned the event which took place at Ohio University on March 31st, 2018. A lively question and answer session followed the talks.

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Dr. Aron Geurts, Speaker

Continuing research efforts in the Geurts lab at the Medical College of Wisconsin are being driven by interests in developing genetic approaches for human health and disease. For the past 12 years, Dr. Geurts has been developing tools for genetic manipulation in a variety of cell and animal systems including stem cells, zebrafish, mice, and laboratory rats. Dr. Geurts' creative and innovative contributions to the field of genetics and technology were recently recognized by the granting of a New Innovator Award. Dr. Geurts also serves as Guild Quaestor for the Genome Writers Guild and is an active member.

Juan Alfonzo, Speaker

Dr. Alfonzo's lab at the Ohio State University is interested in RNA processing events that are unique to the disease causing trypanosomes. He is especially interested in two facets: tRNA editing and tRNA modification which could be exploited for the design of therapies. A recipiant of multiple teaching and faculty awards, he is also the director of the OSU Center for RNA Biology.

Adam Sychla, Organizer and Speaker

Adam Sychla is a fourth year Molecular Genetics and Physics major at the Ohio State University. As a Pelotonia Fellow, his research in Dr. Christin Burd's lab focuses on the regulation of an important tumor suppressor. He previously worked at the Mayo Clinic with Dr. Raymond Hickey developing a genetic therapy for Hereditary Tyrosinemia Type 1. He will be attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota with a focus in synthetic biology. An active Guild Adept for the Genome Writers Guild, he has organized this dialogue as the first Guild event specifically aimed at general public.