Curing Cancer in Dogs

A startup company forged in the GWG community, LEAH Labs, is using genome editing technologies to develop CAR-T cell therapies that are affordable for fighting cancer in dogs (a short video from LEAH Labs). They have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their efforts. Equity crowdfunding allows anyone to invest in startups and receive equity, just like venture capitalists do. Please support their mission to use genome engineering to bring innovative therapeutics to veterinary oncology by sharing their Wefunder page with your dog loving friends, family, and colleagues, liking their Facebook page, and considering an investment. LEAH Labs thanks you for your support in advance.

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Why you may want to invest in us...

  1. We're developing immunotherapy, called CAR-T, to fight canine cancer. We've already killed canine cancer in a test tube with our core technology.

  2. We're a team of PhD experts in gene editing, immunotherapy, and veterinary oncology.

  3. CAR-T is one of the hottest areas of cancer research today. The space has seen more than $21B in exits within the past 2 years.

  4. 300,000 dogs die from B cell lymphoma every year in the USA. Chemo is expensive; more than $10K. Not really effective, extending dog life by only 9-12 months. And toxic - the quality of life is greatly reduced.

  5. We pioneered and patented key gene writing technology using CRISPR. We harness immune cells called T cells and reprogram them - when we put them into a sick dog, they will specifically seek out and kill cancer cells.

  6. We engineer CAR T cells for a fraction of the cost of current CAR T cell manufacturing protocols.

  7. We're Y Combinator backed (W2019).

  8. We're seeking more funding to optimize our technology and bring it into the clinic.

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