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Science Ambassador Scarves and Ties

These fine, silk scarves and ties are a great way to honor colleagues, session speakers — or anyone who appreciates science. They are custom designed in a limited edition for the Genome Writers Guild (GWG). Public engagement is a key part of the GWG’s mission and they represent our pledge of service as Ambassadors for Science.

The ties and scarves will be $75 each during the conference.

Ties — $125.00   $75 The GWG logo and double helix on a rich, blue-green background are 100% silk, printed and sewn in China. The ties are a standard length; 147 cm / 58 inches.

Scarves — $125.00   $75 The GWG logo and mission statement are part of a colorful, double helix pattern. The scarves are 100% silk, printed and sewn in China and measure 30 x 178 cm / 12 x 70 inches.

About the Science Ambassador Project

Two scientists wanted to demonstrate the potential that genome engineering has for global collaborations. They also wanted to make products to engage the public about the value and beauty of genomic science.

With these goals in mind, Dr. Stephen Ekker at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota initiated the "Science Ambassador Project" with Dr. Han Wang at Soochow University in China. They asked Lynn Fellman, artist and GWG member in Washington, D.C., to design the original art work for each item.

Dr. Wang handled manufacturing in China with the garment company, Suzhou Qiantaixiang Silk Co. Ltd. The outcome is this limited edition of beautiful, silk ties and scarves. This unique collaboration across continents, the scarves and ties represent opportunities for the responsible use of genome engineering for future projects.