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Revolution: Genome Engineering 2018 conference


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July 19th to 21st at McNamara Center in Minneapolis

The Genome Writers Guild (GWG) includes scientists, physicians, students, entrepreneurs, investors, government representatives, futurists, science communicators, and artists focused on the responsible use of powerful new genome engineering and gene editing tools. Find out more about the GWG and how to join.

Genome engineering hits the streets.  The plethora of new editing tools are propelling the field into the next genomic revolution. What are the new technologies? What will we make with them? How are the innovations impacting society and our individual lives? The Genome Writers Guild's annual conference highlights the fast pace of genomic engineering. Topics at the conference focus on recent research, tangible skills for the laboratory, and the challenges of social responsibility we all share.

See the list of invited speakers. Dr. Dana Carroll, distinguished professor of biochemistry, University of Utah, is our Friday evening keynote speaker. Our Thursday evening Science Cafe keynote speaker is Dr. Ellen Jorgensen, founder of Biotech Without Borders and Genspace. Take a look at the list of all the invited speakers at this year's conference.

Register for the full conference or just the special events.  You can choose to register for the full, three-day scientific conference or register for one or both of the Thursday and Friday evening presentations. Thursday is the Science Cafe with Ted (style) Talks by Dr. David Odde and Lynn Fellman plus keynote presentation by Dr. Ellen Jorgensen. Friday evening includes dinner and keynote by Dr. Carroll. Check out the registration page for more information.

Present a poster (we give prizes) and be selected for a talk . Check out the guidelines, sizes, and how to submit an abstract for a presentation.

We are experiencing great technological change in genome engineering. If deployed responsibly, such progress will improve the world through enhanced products, new biotechnological entities, and novel therapeutics. — Dr. Stephen Ekker, Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mayo Clinic

 Image: from the Golden Rice Project (

Golden Rice: genome engineering for the greater good around the world.

Australia and New Zealand just approved golden rice for human consumption. By natively encoding the proteins necessary to provide critical nutritional components, golden rice holds the promise to end forms of blindness from a restricted diet. Read more here.

What is genome engineering? A special event for the science curious.

Gene therapy, genome engineering, and immunotherapy are pioneering technologies in the news almost everyday. What are they and why should we care? At this first Genome Writers Guild (GWG) satellite event, Genome Engineer, Dr. Aron Geurts and Dr. Juan Alfonzo addressed those questions. The event was designed for a general audience to explain what these technologies are and how they are already playing a part in our lives. Watch the event online to have your questions answered.

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Genome writer Dr. Scott McIvor moving gene therapies forward.

The advent of the first gene editing in a patient this year showcases the promise as well as the science team behind the development of new therapies. Read how GWG member Scott McIvor led the gene editing animal research essential for applications for human health.