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Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Director of the Minnesota Stem Cell Institute, Distinguished McKnight Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Scot A. Wolfe, PhD

"Orthogonal Cas9-Cas9 Fusions Provide a Versatile Platform for Precise Genome Editing"
Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Cancer Biology
University of Massachusetts Medical School
New Engineering Technologies

Branden Moriarity, PhD

"Genome Engineering of Primary Cells using Base Editor Technology"
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
University of Minnesota
New Engineering Technologies

Martin Maiers, MS

"How to build a Registry of Regenerative Medicine Outcomes: The Carrot and the Stick"
Vice President, Biomedical Informatics
National Marrow Donor Program/Be the Match & Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research
Cell and Gene Therapies I

William Hoffman, MA

"Stem Cells in 3D: How organoids illuminate development, disease, and design"
Communications Director and Writer, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
University of Minnesota
Cell and Gene Therapies I

Theresa M. Reineke, PhD

"Nonviral synthetic polymers promote cellular and in vivo delivery of nucleic acids and genome editing"
Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota
Cell and Gene Therapies I

Maciej Maselko, PhD

"Development of a robust and scalable genetic system for Aedes aegypti population suppression"
Postdoctoral Associate, Biotechnology Institute
University of Minnesota
Synthetic Biology

Kate Adamala, PhD

"Bioengineering with synthetic cells"
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
University of Minnesota
Synthetic Biology

David J. Odde, PhD

"Genome writers, what are we trying to say?"
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Minnesota
TED Style Talk

Lynn Fellman, BFA

"We Want Our Genome Story Now!"
Independent Artist and Writer
Fellman Studio Inc.
TED Style Talk

Ellen Jorgensen, PhD

Founder, Genspace and Biotech without Borders
Keynote Speaker

Sergei Svitashev, PhD

"Accelerated plant breeding using CRISPR-Cas technology"
Research Scientist, Molecular Engineering
CORTEVA Agriscience, Agricultural Division of DowDuPont
Plant Genome Engineering

Matt Begemann, PhD

"Discovery and Application of Novel CRISPR Nucleases"
Director of Molecular Technologies
Benson Hill Biosystems
Plant Genome Engineering

Michael Holmes, PhD

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sangamo
Cell and Gene Therapies II

Matthew Porteus, MD, PhD

"Genetic Engineering of Human Stem Cells using Genome Editing"
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Stanford University
Cell and Gene Therapies II

Jennifer L. Gori, PhD

"Exogenous Regulation of Protein Expression for Control of Gene and Cell Therapies"
Associate Director, Head of In Vivo Pharmacology
Obsidian Therapeutics
Cell and Gene Therapies II

Neil E. Hoffman, PhD

"USDA Regulatory Approach to Plant Breeding Innovation"
Science Advisor
USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Regulatory Issues and Education

Johnny Kung, PhD

"Engaging diverse voices in the era of genome editing"
Director of New Initiatives, Personal Genetics Education Project
Harvard Medical School
Regulatory Issues and Education

Tammy Lee, MBA

"This Little Piggy Went to Market; This Hornless Cow Made Milk: Gaining Regulatory Approval for Precision-Bred Food Animals"
President & Chief Executive Officer
Recombinetics, Inc.
Regulatory Issues and Education

William C. Hahn, MD, PhD

"Genome engineering to define cancer dependencies"
Chief Research Strategy Officer
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Functional Genomics

Shondra Pruett-Miller, PhD

"High Efficiency Genome Editing Guided by Targeted Deep Sequencing"
Assistant Member in Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Functional Genomics

Drena Dobbs, PhD

"Intelligent CRISPRs?"
Professor, Department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology
Iowa State University
TED Style Talk

Tad Sonstegard, PhD

"A SLICK Way to Improve Animal Protein Production in the Tropics"
Chief Scientific Officer of Acceligen
Recombinetics, Inc.
TED Style Talk

Dana Carroll, PhD

"The impact of biology on genome engineering"
Professor, Department of Biochemistry
University of Utah School of Medicine
Keynote Speaker

Ingunn Stromnes, PhD

"Engineering T lymphocytes to overcome tumor-dependent immunosuppression for therapeutically targeting pancreatic cancer?"
Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology
University of Minnesota
Infection and Immunology

Eric Ostertag, MD/PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Poseida Therapeutics, Inc.
Infection and Immunology

Jeffrey Essner, PhD

"Increased efficiencies using homology-mediated and joining for gene targeting"
Professor, Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Iowa State University
Developmental Biology and Stem Cells

Rita Perlingeiro, PhD

"From Skin to Skeletal Muscle: A Potential for Autologous Transplantation in Muscular Dystrophies"
Professor of Medicine, Lillehei Professor in Stem Cell and Regenerative Cardiovascular Medicine
Lillehei Heart Institute, Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine
University of Minnesota
Developmental Biology and Stem Cells